The Advance Africa Conference


The Advance Africa Conference is a strategic endeavour to address a pressing question faced by African professionals in the diaspora: “How can I contribute to the advancement of Africa?”

We have observed that while many African professionals are seizing global opportunities such as scholarships, talent programs, and jobs, and excelling in their respective fields, there remains a deep yearning to leverage their expertise for the betterment of the continent.

Sadly, access to a seamless infrastructure that enables meaningful contributions to the African economic value chains from the diaspora is severely lacking. 

Our mission for this conference is clear: we aim to forge fruitful connections between African talents, business leaders, and change-makers, fostering opportunities across the UK and Africa, and we aspire to reignite the passion for accelerating the continent’s development, regardless of geography.


GetIn Education Consulting

GetIn, founded in 2017, is a social enterprise dedicated to fostering human capital development in Africa through education, thus propelling socio-economic growth on the continent.

To date, we have empowered over 100,000 youths across 27 countries. We have been recognized for our work and collaborated with British Council, the University of Cambridge, the CommonWealth Commission, the University of Toronto, and the Women in Africa Fellowship for the advancement of Africans.

Our alumni have graduated from prestigious global institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, and LSE. Many now contribute to leading companies worldwide, including Google, Allen & Overy, Dentons, Goldman Sachs, and the World Bank.


Oxford University African Society

The Oxford University African Society is a vibrant community focused on uniting diverse talent with a shared passion for Africa’s rich heritage and dynamic future.

Established as a nexus of culture, academia, and innovation, the society is dedicated to creating a space where ideas thrive, connections flourish, and Africa’s narratives are celebrated. Through a spectrum of events, from thought-provoking discussions to vibrant cultural showcases, the society aims to be a catalyst for positive change, nurturing the next generation of leaders and influencers.


Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa, LSE

The Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa (FLIA) focuses on engagement with Africa through cutting-edge research, teaching and public events, strengthening LSE’s long-term commitment to place Africa at the heart of understandings and debates on global issues.

Founded on a commitment to impactful policy engagement and a deep understanding of Africa’s multifaceted challenges and opportunities, the Firoz Lalji Institute stands as a beacon of excellence in African studies.


Lemonade Finance (LemFi)

Discover a revolutionary financial companion in LemFi, the pioneering app tailored for the next generation of immigrants. Every year, as thousands forge new lives in foreign lands, LemFi emerges as a guiding light, offering more than just financial services—it extends understanding and care. Recognizing the distinct challenges faced by immigrants, LemFi’s mission is crystal clear: to elevate the financial well-being of the next generation of newcomers. Enter a realm where financial empowerment is coupled with genuine concern and let LemFi accompany individuals on the journey towards a more secure and prosperous financial future.



ProductDive is the catalyst for the next wave of skilled professionals. ProductDive is not just an educational platform; it’s an immersive journey that equips aspiring and seasoned Product Managers alike with indispensable tools, knowledge, and a vibrant community. With a battle-tested curriculum refined over a decade, ProductDive boasts a formidable alumni network of 1500+ individuals thriving in the success stories of tech giants across health tech, fintech, ed-tech, and diverse industries. Join ProductDive to elevate your skills, distinguish yourself in the industry, lead exceptional teams, and be a key player in shaping the landscape of groundbreaking tech products. The future of product management unfolds here.


Kunda Kids

Kunda Kids is a children’s publishing and media company based in London. Founded in 2020 by Oladele and Louisa Olafuyi, Kunda Kids has emerged as a beacon of diverse storytelling for young readers. With a mission to celebrate African culture through engaging narratives, Kunda Kids introduces readers to a world where imagination knows no bounds. Award-winning and inspiring, their stories seamlessly weave essential life skills like self-confidence, teamwork, and kindness into the vibrant tapestry of each tale. In the pages of Kunda Kids’ books, children of all backgrounds discover a reflection of themselves and a celebration of the rich diversity that makes our world truly extraordinary.


Frequently asked questions

The Advance Africa Conference is a strategic initiative designed to foster connections, empower professionals, and create opportunities for impactful contributions to Africa’s socio-economic development.

The conference welcomes participation from African professionals, students, and individuals based in the UK, who share an interest in contributing to Africa’s development.

Attendees can expect insightful sessions, networking opportunities, and engaging discussions on topics related to career advancement, opportunities for impact, and innovative solutions to Africa’s development challenges.

Registration is simple! Click here and follow the prompts to complete your registration. You will receive all the details you need to access the conference.

Registration is free but space is limited! Click here to complete your registration.

Absolutely! We invite professionals and thought leaders to share their expertise, ideas, or research during the dedicated networking sessions at the conference.

No, the conference will be conducted physically at the specified locations.

Yes, networking is a key component of the conference. Attendees can connect with fellow professionals, potential collaborators, and experts in various fields during the networking sessions.

Registered attendees may have access to session recordings after the conference is concluded.

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